Managing a Non-Fuel Invoice

Once you have created a Non-Fuel invoice in S2K or using a Hand Held Device, you will want to locate it and manage the invoice. Managing includes things like retail updates, item description and department changes, among other functions.

Using the instructions from the page Access and View Existing Invoices open the invoice you would like to manage.

Additional functions on an invoice can be located at the top of the invoice page on the Title Bar. These are important functions to help you manage your invoice.

  1. Save – Use this to save your updates to the invoice.
  2. Undo – Use this to undo a change that was made.
  3. Delete – This deletes your invoice…BE CAREFUL!
  4. Audit – Allows you to see the changes that have been made
  5. Listing – Takes you back to the main listing page of all invoices.
  6. Attachment – Use this to view any attachments to invoices, or add an attachment to the invoice.
  7. Reports – Way to access the reports in S2K, available on all pages in the system
  8. Actions – Choose this button to do various actions to the invoice and items. See just below for more in depth on the Action Button.
  9. Refresh – Use this to refresh the invoice, Save First!

Action Button walk through 

The Action button contains many features you can use on your invoices at any time. Navigate to the Action button at the top of the page, click and you will see the following menu.

  1. Approve or Unapprove – Select this to Approve or Unapprove an invoice, great for tracking which ones have been worked on.
  2. Posting to Accounting – Use this to Post to Accounting if you have this set up with S2K.
  3. Modify Retail and Attributes – Use this to edit the items retails and attributes like departments, descriptions, custom groups, etc. See Manage Retail or Accept Suggested Retail Price (SRP) from a non-fuel invoice and Manage EDI Invoices to learn this process.
  4. Barcode Printing – Allows you to print barcodes for the items, follow the Barcode Printing instructions found here.
  5. Save as Template – Allows you to save the invoice as a Master Template. Great for small invoices that you buy the same items on each time, you can find instructions on these here.
  6. Fixed Cost Violation Report – Used if you have a Fixed Cost Contract with a Vendor
  7. Violations from Fixed Cost Contract(s) – Allows you to view the violations
  8. Previous Purchase Comparison Report – Report that will show you the items on your invoice and if there was a difference in cost from the last time you purchased it.
  9. Difference from Previous Purchases – When selected will allow you to see a pop up with any differences listed and you will choose OK, from there you can use Modify Tool in the Action button and see them show on that page for easy item editing.
  • 1. Choose Difference from Previous Purchases from the Action Button Menu.
  • 2. This will start a process which may take a little time but will then show a pop up of any differences in cost from the last time it was purchased. The arrows indicate if there was a change up or down. You can also hover your mouse over the arrow to see the difference. You can right click this to print if you would like, or hit OK at the bottom.
  • 3. When you hit OK, you can then go into Modify Retail and Attributes from the Action Button and you will see the Arrows pointing up or down to indicate a difference in cost from last purchase. This helps you to make retail changes based on updated cost information.

10. Print Preview – Preview before you Print

11. Export – Export to your Computer

When finished with all updates and editing, click the SAVE button and the invoice will be updated in the listing.