Basket Analysis

Basket Analysis is used to track how many times a specific item or set of items is purchased in the same transaction. This is helpful for creating deals and seeing what customers purchase most often.

To access the Basket Analysis, you will navigate to Sales then choose Transactions. From there click on Basket Analysis.

The Page will load asking you to fill out the sections.

Your page will load to show you your results based on the specifics you placed in the pop up.

  1. Type to filter – Allows you to type in key words to filter the results
  2. Select group by – Allows you to group the information in the results by things like department, frequency, etc.
  3. Store Name – Name of the Station results are for.
  4. Item #1 – Information for the first item in the basket
  5. Dept for UPC #1 – Department of item number 1
  6. Item #2 – Information for the second item in the basket, if you asked for more past 2 items, you will see more item number columns.
  7. Dept for UPC #2 – Department for item number 2
  8. Item #1 $ – Amount for Item number 1
  9. Item #2 $ – Amount for Item number 2
  10. Frequency – How often this combination was purchased. If a high frequency that means it is popular combination.