Editing Item Attributes – Batch

While in the Pricebook, you have the ability to edit item attributes for a group of items at one time. These changes include Department, Fees, Item Exceptions, and more.

You will start out by doing a search for your items. Once your search populates check the boxes to the left of the items you would like to edit.

Once the items are selected, you will then select the Action button, and choose Batch Edit Attributes.

This will open the Product Editing window, where you can then edit and adjust the items based on what you need.
If you need to change the items, so they all have the same department; you would edit the Department line. You can choose multiple sections to edit at the same time, just remember that any edits you make on this page reflect ALL the items you selected on the previous page.

  1. Department– Use the drop down to choose the department to change to.
  2. Item Exceptions– Click this to apply exceptions to an item, so it goes against its department settings. Ex: Item is in a taxable dept, but it doesn’t need tax, you can edit that here. See Item Exceptions Page for more information.
  3. Custom Groups– Choose a group that you have created, for the items to go into. See Custom Groups page for more assistance.
  4. Fee– If the items need a fee or bottle deposit added, this is where you would do it.
  5. Product Type– Update the product type from the drop down
  6. Misc. Type– Update from here
  7. Cost– Update the cost of items here
  8. Case Pack– Update Case Pack information for multiple items at once.
  9. Product Vendor(s)– Add Vendors
  10. Inactive– Only edit this if you need to change the status of the items, defaults to Do Not Change.
  11. Change Scope– Make sure the correct choice is selected.
  12. OK– Select this when ready to proceed.

Once you make your changes, it will take you back to the refreshed Pricebook Listing so you can see the changes took effect.

*Make sure to send these changes to the POS from Pending Pricebook Changes