Setup a Rebate/Tax Rule

The Rebate/Tax rule defines the vendor, run dates and rate of the rebate

Using your Navigation toolbar scroll to the Products section.
Select Rebate to open the Rebate/Tax Rule option from the drop down.

The Rebate/Tax Rule Listing will appear, listing the previously created Rebate/Tax Rules.
Click the “+New” button in the top right corner of the window.

A blank Rebate/Tax Rule window will become available for you to edit.

  1. Name – Detailed description of the rebate. Include details such as vendor/manufacturer, grouped products to be included in the rebate, and/or the rate of the rebate.
  2. Item Name – General product name description (can copy name from above).
  3. Vendor – Select the vendor providing the rebate from the dropdown list

To create a charge rule that will be applied to the Rebate/Tax Trigger click the arrow next to the Rebate/Tax Trigger Details section.

A window will open for you to create a Charge Rule for the Vendor. Click The “+ADD” button to create the rule:

A line will appear for you to create a new charge rule for the rebate vendor.

  1. Start – Type in or select from the begin date from the dropdown calendar for the rebate rate
  2. End – Type in or select from the end date from the dropdown calendar for the rebate rate
  3. Method – Select how the rebate rate is applied using the dropdown list
  4. Rate – Enter the rebate dollar amount rate. *The rebate amount should be NEGATIVE, so cost is reduced.

Then click the OK button.

The added Charge Rule will show in the Rebate/Tax Trigger Details line indicating how many rules are applied to the selected vendor.

Click the SAVE button when you have finished editing the Rebate /Tax Rule.

Continue to setup a Rebate/Tax Trigger to assign specific items to your Rebate/Tax Rule(s).