Creating a New Promotion

Note: Available promotions vary depending on your POS manufacturer. Please consult your POS documentation to see what promotion types are available for your POS.

To create a new promotion, navigate to Products and click Promotions in the Navigation bar. This will take you to the Promotion Listing screen where you will see all of the promotions that are already configured.

Next, click on the “New ” button located at the top right portion of the Promotion Listing screen

Then, you enter the Promotion Editing screen, where you will enter the basic information about the promotion.

  1. Name (Required)
  2. Store Scope (default is all stores)
  3. Choose Type of Promotion this is; Normal is default.
  4. Promo ID (optional)
  5. Priority (for Combo’s only)
  6. Rebate (optional)
  7. Rebate Entity (optional)
  8. Taxable Rebate (optional)
  9. Description(optional)
  10. Main Promotion Setup Tab
  11. Promotion Rules Tab
  12. Promotions Action Tab
  13. Promotions Summary Tab

To create a new Promotion there are a few basic steps. More detail on each step is provided in other sections:

  1. Enter the basic info for the promotion, name (required), station(s) (will default to all stores), Promo ID (optional), Priority (optional for Combo’s only), Type of Promotion, Rebate amount and Rebate Taxable info (if applicable).
  2. Set the PROMOTION RULES under the Promotion Rules Tab: What criteria has to be met in order to qualify for this promotion? Choose criteria and then items that would activate this promotion.
  3. Set the PROMOTION ACTIONS under the Promotion Actions Tab: What happens when the criteria is met?
  4. Review the setup under the SUMMARY. This is located under the Promotion Summary Tab.
  5. Click SAVE on the Promotion Summary Tab to complete the setup.
  6. Search for the promotion back in your Promotions Listing then PUBLISH the Promotion to the POS when ready.