SKU History

The SKU History module is a tool used to view item history and activity.

To view an item’s history, click on Inventory and then select the SKU History link

The SKU History window will open

  1. Select Store (leave blank for all)
  2. Enter SKU number
  3. Click Search

The results will display showing history and activity for item, beginning with the most recent

  1. Date- Date of the transaction
  2. Station Name
  3. Reference #- shift number, invoice number or inventory reference number
  4. Tran Type- Sale, Purchase or Inventory transaction
  5. Qty- stock amount of transaction
  6. Cost- item cost for transaction
  7. Weighted Cost- Average weighted cost of item
  8. Stock on Hand- Current stock on hand for item
  9. Entity- Vendor name
  10. Note- Related records if part of assembly

Click on any line to open the detail: Sales day, purchase invoice or Take Inventory file

Use the expand/collapse button to organize data on the page

If you need to export the data, click the ellipses and then select Export