Pending Pricebook Changes

At any time you can access Pending Pricebook Changes to Publish your updates and changes to the register. These changes may have been made in the S2K application or through your hand held device.

To access Pending Pricebook Changes, navigate to Products and click Pricebook then click Pending Pricebook Changes.

Your page will then populate to show you the items ready to Publish to the register.

  1. Type to filter– This is part of the Title Bar. This allows you to narrow your search in Pending Pricebook Changes. Click in the box to start typing and narrowing your results.
  2. Store Name– Name of the station the change is applying to.
  3. Name– Description of the item.
  4. Sub Dept.– This is the secondary department the item is listed under.
  5. Barcode– UPC of the item.
  6. Changes- What action is taking place on the item.
  7. User- Who made the change
  8. Changed At– Time and date the change occurred.

The Action button will allow you to not only publish to the register, but various other actions as well.

  1. Reload– Refresh the Page
  2. Publish– Select this to Publish items to the register.
  3. Revert Retail– Cancel the Price change made to items before publishing to the register.
  4. Barcode Printing– Print Barcodes for items right on this screen.

Once ready, select the items you would like to Publish, using the check boxes next to the items. Use the Publish button to send the items to the register, just like in the Pricebook. Fill out the form then select OK.

You can then check the status of your publish to the register as well. To do this locate the Information Button on the Title Bar and click to open the drop down. From the Drop Down select Publish History.

This will open a very similar page with some different options to use.

  1. User– Logged in person who sent the change
  2. Job Scope– Station sent to
  3. Exec After– Time and date price change will be executed after
  4. Status– Lets you know if it was successful or if it had issues going to the register, main reason to be on this page.
  5. Refresh– Update the page information; if page is blank hit this button.
  6. Download Pushed– Selecting Items, and clicking this will download a file to your computer to view the data files.
  7. Cancel– Cancel a change
  8. Resubmit– Developer Feature
  9. Search– Use this to search the history

You can click on an item to view the change that was done deeper. This shows the process of being sent and accepted. When you Click Data on this page, it will show you the items and the change sent.