Editing Item Attributes – Batch

Multiple items can be edited at once inside the Products Catalog. This can be helpful if you have multiple items you need to make the same change or update to. These updates could include; departments, vendors, custom groups, etc.

You will start with a search of the Products Catalog.

  1. Locate the items you would like to make the same update to and select the boxes next to the items.
  2. Once this is done, click the Action Button on the Title Bar.

Next, the drop down will appear for the Action Button. Choose the Option for Batch Edit Attributes.

The page opens to allow you to make edits to the items you chose.

  1. Department– Use the drop down to choose the department to change to.
  2. Item Exceptions– Click this to apply exceptions to an item, so it goes against its department settings. Ex: Item is in a taxable dept, but it doesn’t need tax, you can edit that here. See Item Exceptions Page for more information.
  3. Custom Groups– Choose a group that you have created, for the items to go into. See Custom Groups page for more assistance.
  4. Fee– If the items need a fee or bottle deposit added, this is where you would do it.
  5. Product Type– Update the product type from the drop down
  6. Misc. Type– Update from here
  7. Cost– Update the cost of items here
  8. Case Pack– Update Case Pack information for multiple items at once.
  9. Product Vendor(s)– Add Vendors
  10. Inactive– Mark an item Active, Inactive, or leave as is.
  11. Change Scope– Make sure the correct choice is selected.
  12. OK– Select this when ready to proceed.

Once you choose the edits and you select OK, you will then see an acceptance message at the top of the page saying the items have been updated. You will then need to go to Pending Pricebook Changes to send these updates to the POS.