Setup a Rebate/Tax Trigger

The Rebate/Tax Trigger defines the actions needed in order for rebate to apply.

Using your Navigation toolbar scroll to the Products section.
Select Rebate to open the Rebate/Tax Trigger option from the drop down.

The Rebate/Tax Trigger Listing will appear.
Click the “+New” button in the top right corner of the window.

A blank Rebate/Tax Trigger window will become available for you to edit.

  1. Name – General description of the rebate.
  2. Tran Type – From the dropdown list select the type of transaction (Purchase, Sale, or Wholesale) that will trigger the rebate
  3. Store Scope – Select the applicable stores
  4. Items – Click into the “Select…” area for a dropdown list of grouped items for you to choose from. Select all groups that will trigger the rebate. (Create Custom Group Topics and Add items to Custom Group Topics items to include in a rebate trigger. Manage items in Custom Groups.)
  5. Charge Cfg Items – Click into the “Select…” area for a dropdown list of previously created Rebate/Tax Rules for you to choose from. Select all that apply to this Trigger.

Click the SAVE button when you have finished editing the Rebate /Tax Trigger.