Manage Retail or Accept Suggested Retail Price (SRP) from a non-fuel invoice

Click the Action button in the top right-hand side of the screen and select the “Modify Retail & Attributes” option.

You will be directed to a pricebook listing page for the items in the non-fuel invoice for only that station. On this page you can make single price changes, batch price changes and accept SRP.

Single Item Price Change:
To change the price of a single item for the station the invoice is for, click Edit.

This will open the line to change the retail for only one station. You will see the changes turn a darker bold color to show you have made updates to those items. Save when completed.

If you have access to multiple stations, don’t click edit, simply click the item to update more than one location.

The Retail Change window will open. Update the retail for the store(s) as needed and click OK.

Batch Edit Price Change:
To change the price of a group of items at one time, first select the items by checking the boxes (use shift to select all)

The use the Action button at the top of the page and select Batch Edit Retail

The Batch Price Change window will open

  1. Select Store(s)
  2. Pack Size option (usually this stays at 1)
  3. Enter retail change information- Change by $, fixed price or %
  4. Option to Change Price Based on Margin
  5. Enter Retail Tail Number, used for percentage mainly
  6. Confirm items to be changes
  7. Click OK to update. Make sure to send them to the POS, from Pending Pricebook Changes when done with the invoice.

Accept SRP:
To accept the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) from the vendor, first select the listed items that will have their retail price replaced with the SRP.

Once you have selected the item(s) that will adopt the SRP as their new retail price then click the actions button from the top right-hand side of the screen and click the “Accept SRP” option.

A window will pop-up for you to verify which store(s) the changes will apply to, whether all items or just the selected item(s) will use the SRP as the retail, and update the POS with the change(s). Click OK to proceed with accepting the SRP for the chosen store and scope.

Update Price to POS:
The final step is to update your POS with any price changes that you made. Click the Action button at the top of the page and select Pending Pricebook Changes

The Pending Pricebook Changes window will open. Select items and click Publish from the Action button at the top of the page

The publish window will open. Confirm Store and Selected items, then click OK to send updates to POS