How to Enter Non-Fuel Invoice with Handheld

Before you begin creating the invoice, you must download your pricebook data to the handheld.
Tap the Sync button, then Download data to Handheld. This will ensure that you have the most current information from your S2K database on your handheld.

Tap the Pur Invoice button on the main menu to begin a new non-fuel purchase invoice.

This will bring you to a screen that shows all of the existing invoices on the device, or it will be blank if there are none created yet.

1. To create a new invoice- Tap the + button. An invoice header screen will appear (pictured below).

2. To edit an existing invoice from the list- Highlight the invoice by tapping on it one time to open the record

3. To delete an invoice from the list- Push and hold invoice record and a delete option will appear.

Select + to create a new invoice header.

The first 3 fields on the invoice header are required to be filled out before continuing to scan the items (displayed in orange).

1. Enter the invoice number.

2. Verify that the date is correct.

3. Tap the vendor button and select the *previously setup* vendor.

4. Enter the invoice dollar amount.

5. (Optional) Select the *previously setup* employee who is creating the invoice.

6. (Optional) Enter the name of who delivered the items.

7. (Optional) Enter the check number if the payment term is by check.

8. (Optional) Select the method of payment for this invoice.

9. Field is currently inactive.

10. Save button

Click save to update header information. Invoice will now show in listing

Click on the record to open the invoice and enter line items:

Scan the item to open the input qty field. Adjust the quantity field by using the keypad on the device.

Next, verify that the cost and retail are correct for each item.

When you finish the first item, you can immediately scan the next one.

When you finish scanning all of the items for the invoice, click the back arrow in the top left corner to save & close the invoice.

You will be returned to the main menu where you will need to sync the information to s2k. Click the Sync button from main menu:

Then click the Upload data from handheld button.