How to Enter Non-Fuel Invoice with Handheld

Before you begin creating the invoice, you must upload your pricebook data to the handheld.
Tap the Sync button, then Upload data to Handheld. This will ensure that you have the most current information from your S2K database on your handheld.

Tap the Pur Invoice button on the main menu to begin a new non-fuel purchase invoice.

The next screen will show the options for new or existing invoices on the handheld.

  1. Saved invoices will be listed here.
  2. Begin a new invoice.
  3. Edit the selected invoice from the list above.
  4. Delete an invoice from the list above.

Select New to create a new invoice header. The first 3 fields on the invoice header are required to be filled out before continuing to scan the items.

  1. Invoice date.
  2. Invoice number.
  3. Tap the Vendor button to select from a list of vendors.
  4. Total cost for the invoice.
  5. Employee who is creating the invoice.
  6. Name of driver who delivered the products.
  7. The check number, if paying by check.
  8. The method of payment used for this invoice.
  9. Save header information and continue to scan the products.