Assigning Product Type

The first step to managing food products is to define the item by assign the product type to each selling UPC.

Product Types:
– Manufactured at Sell, Ex: Fountain Drinks
– Manufactured to Stock, Ex: Deli Sandwiches

To assign the product type, click on Pricebook and select Product Catalog

The search window will open. Select the desired department and click OK (ex: deli, hot food, fountain)

The product listing of items will display

Select the desired items by using the checkbox, or click Select All button to select all items in the list

Click the action button at the top of the page and select Batch Edit Attributes link

The Product Editing window will open. Click in the Product Type field and select either Manufactured at Sell or Manufactured to Stock, then click OK to update

Click the Refresh button at the top of the page and the window will update with Product Type selected

**Note: Be sure to update the Product Type field on any new food products you enter in S2K.