Viewing Existing Promotions

To view promotions that have already been configured for you sites, click Promotions in the Navigation Bar. This will take you to the Promotion Listing screen.  Here you will be able to: 

  • See the Number of stores assigned to a promotion.
  • See the publish status of the promotion.
  • View the start and end dates of the promotion.
  1. Advanced Search– This is utilized to search your Promotions by date range and specific product name or numbers.
  2. Reset– This will reset or clear your Advanced Search Results
  3. Attributes– This will show the type of Promotion that has been created. The Blank Space means it is a standard promotion, TPR (temporary price reduction) is listed if you are creating a temporary price reduction for items. POP will show when you create a promotion for fuel and car wash combo.
  4. Name– This is the name you have given the Promotions
  5. Store Scope– How many stores you attached to the Promotion at creation.
  6. Promo ID– If you gave your promotion a specific ID, this is where you will see it.
  7. Status– Each Symbol has a meaning. Tea cup: Ready to publish to the POS. Check Mark: Sent and successful at the POS. Blue Circle: Pending to be sent to location. Bell with Slash: Expired Promotion with the date of expiration next to it. Circle with Slash: Cancelled Promotion. **Any numbers next to the symbols will indicate stations sent to or pending at, and date ranges will indicate date of cancellation or expiration.**
  8. Start Date– Date the Promotion is set to begin.
  9. End Date– Date the Promotion is set to end.
  10. Elipses– Allows you to export to your computer.
  11. +New– Create a new Promotion.
  12. Promotion Tab– Use this to get back to the main Promotions Listing Page.
  13. Promotion Publish History Tab- Allows you to see which promotions have been published to the POS. Click the refresh button on the page after you click into the tab.
  14. Promotion Acceptance History Tab– Allows you to see if the publish you sent was successful. Click the refresh button on the page after you click into the tab.
  15. Promotion Reject History Tab– Allows you to see if the promotion has been rejected by site.
  16. Reports– Where to locate any and all reports in S2K.
  17. Action Button– Includes options for Archived Promotions and Batch Actions
  18. Refresh– When clicked will refresh the page.