Live Journal

This is only available for customers who have specific POS systems.

To access the Live Journal, navigate to Sales, then choose Transactions and in the drop down click Live Journal.

You will be asked to choose the station you would like to view the information for. This is real time live, so it will be for the current day.

The page will load and you will see colored charts, graphs, and informational pieces about the day sales so far. Scroll down the page for all the information collected.

The Title bar at the top of the page includes pieces you can use to dive deeper into the information you are seeing.

  1. Reports – Use this to locate reports in Prime.
  2. Tools – Click this to get options to use inside of the Live Journal
  1. Summary – Main page you open when coming into the Live Realtime
  2. Monitor – Live Journal Listing
  3. Cashier – Review sales by cashier.
  4. Fuel Hourly – Review fuel sales per grade by hour
  5. C-Store Hourly – Review c-store sales per department by hour
  6. Fuel Inventory – Listing of fuel inventory for the day

3. Search – Use this to choose another station

4. Refresh – refresh and update the page.