Daily Journal

The Daily Journal in Realtime will always be a day behind, just like Daily Recon. Use this to monitor transactions for the day in question.

To locate the main Daily Journal page you will navigate to Sales, then choose Transactions. In the drop down choose Daily Journal.

The page will ask you to choose a date and a station, then click search.

The page will load to show charts and graphs of the sales for the date chosen.
You will want to use the Title Bar for filtering, as well as using the Options button to choose additional pages to review. The page that loads initially is the Summary Page for the day.

The Title bar at the top of the page includes pieces you can use to dive deeper into the information you are seeing.

  1. Reports – Use this to locate reports in Prime.
  2. Options – Click this to get options to use inside of the Daily Journal
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  1. Summary – Main page you open when coming into the Daily Realtime
  2. Monitor – Daily Journal Listing
  3. Cashier – Review sales by cashier.
  4. Fuel Hourly – Review fuel sales per grade by hour
  5. C-Store Hourly – Review c-store sales per department by hour
  6. Fuel Inventory – Listing of fuel inventory for the day

3. Search – Use this to choose another station.

4. Refresh – Use this to refresh and update the page.

Choose any option from the listing to move to that section and review the information therein.