Adding Products to Item Lists

Products can be added to a promotion item lists in a few different ways.

Adding Products by Searching the Pricebook

  • If there are only a few items in your item list you can start typing a portion of the UPC or item name into the “Products” feild. As you type a list of search results will display. Once you find you item in the search results, click on it to add it to the item list.
  • If you items have already been assigned to a Custom Group you can add all of the items in the Custom Group to the item list by clicking the drop down arrow in the Custom Group field. This will display a list of all available Custom Groups. Select 1 or multiple custom groups and then click the “Add X item(s)” button to add the items to the list.

Adding Products by Importing from and Outside Source

You can also add items to the item lists by copy and pasting from MS Excel, Notepad, or other text editors.
The items MUST be an exact match to what is in your current pricebook or they will not import.

  1. From the add products screen choose “Import”.
  2. Paste the UPCs from your file into the UPC field using 1 line per UPC.
  3. Click “Import”. If any invalid UPCs were found and error will display to notify you what UPC(s) were not imported.
  4. Click “OK”.