Creating a Temporary Price Reduction (TPR)

A TPR is a temporary price reduction. There is a start date and end date and price that needs to be entered. TPRs are simply retail price changes that are sent to the POS on the day they start and then S2K will send the old price back on the day it ends. Their configuration is similar to a Promotion.

  1. Enter all of the basic info on the TPR Promotion that you want to setup on the Promotions Editing screen. At the minimum you need to the name of the TPR, and the stores you want to apply the TPR to.
  2. Then to flag as a TPR and not a regular promo, you must choose Temporary Price Reduction from the drop down under Type.

    Note: TPRs must include the Date Range rule and Discount On
    Matched Products action.
4. Review the setup under SUMMARY.
5. Click SAVE to complete the setup.
6. Search for the promotion in your listing then PUBLISH the Promotion
to the POS when ready.