Managing EDI Invoices

You will need to manage the name, department and retail of items importing from an EDI invoice.

New items will import into an EDI invoice as a (Not Setup) item. You will need to assign a department, provide a description if needed, and retail (if applicable).

The first step is to update the View Type on the invoice to MARGIN. This will display the retail and margin on the EDI invoice for you to review.

  1. Click in the drop down to select the Margin option, the choose Set Default to ensure this stays this way moving forward.
  2. Select this to shrink the header and expand out the items listing as seen below.

Next, identify the not setup items by using the Group by field to select Department.

There are a few ways you can setup an item from the non-fuel invoice page. Either by single item changes, or by multiple items. Let’s start by single item.

1.Single Item– to update the description or department for a single item, right click the line item for a menu to appear allowing you to “View Item Details.” Click the “View Item Details” option to access the product editing window.

Enter in a good name and short name if needed, and select an active department using the department drop down menu.

After the name, short name, and description have been updated, click save to apply the item update.

Use the back arrow to return to the invoice when finished.

2. Multiple Item Updating– To edit multiple items at one time, click the actions button at the top of the invoice. From the drop down menu, click the “Modify Retail &Attributes” option.

You will be directed to a pricebook listing for only the items in the non-fuel invoice.

  1. Type to filter – Filter to seek specific items on the invoice listing.
  2. Group By – Use this to group by specific options in the drop down
  3. Expand/Collapse – Use this to expand and collapse the results below when you use Group By.
  4. Check Box – Use these to select items for various actions to be performed.
  5. Barcode – This is the UPC/PLU/SKU/Barcode of the item
  6. Name – Description of the item
  7. Sub Dept/Fee – Keep as Sub Dept or click the ellipses to choose the option of Fee to add CRV to items if applicable.
  8. Department – The department listing for the item
  9. Custom Groups – Used to add/remove items to custom groups for Pricing or Promotions.
  10. Cost – Cost of the item
  11. Retail – What you charge the customer
  12. Margin – Margin percentage for the item, will change as you update the page
  13. SRP – Suggested Retail Price from Vendor if provided
  14. Edit – Use this to open lines for editing
  15. +New – Add New item
  16. Reports – Locate a report to view
  17. Actions – Place to do various actions to items
  18. Search – Allows a search of the page
  19. Refresh – Refreshes the page.

Use the Group by field and select Department to group the items together, this allows you to see which items need a full set up.
Select the Edit button to open up the lines for changes.

From here you can now edit the items line by line as needed. The open lines you can edit are: Name, Sub Department, Custom Groups, and Retail. As you make changes they turn a bold color, so you know what you have updated before saving.

Save when done, and you will get a pop up, confirm it by hitting OK and then make sure to also send those changes to the POS from Pending Pricebook Changes.

Batch Price Changes – These are done when you have items that all need to be the same retail price.

To start locate the items you would like to make a batch change on, and select them with the check boxes.

Then click the Action button at the top of the page and select Batch Edit Retail

The Edit Retail window will open. Complete the fields and click OK to update

The listing page will update to show new retails

If you also have items that need a batch update done for departments, custom groups, etc you can do this with an invoice as well. Select the items by checking the box (use shift to select all) and click the Action button at the top of the page, then click Batch Edit Attributes
* Note- the Edit button on this page will allow you to update multiple pieces, please see earlier explanation under Multiple Item Updating.

The Product Editing window will open. Select the department and any other changes you need to make and click OK

The selected items will update on the listing page.

The final step is to publish the invoice changes to the POS, so that all updated retail and item details are sent to the register.

To publish these changes to the POS, click the Action button at the top of the page and select Publish

The Publishing window will open. Complete the fields and click OK to send updated information to the POS