Food Manufacture Formula

The next step in the food management process is to setup the food formulas. This is done by linking/assembling the parent (sellable) item to the ingredient and labor items, with appropriate quantities.

To begin, navigate to Products then click Food Mgmt and then select Food Manufacture Formula option.

The Food Manufacture Formula Listing will open

To create a new formula, click the New button at the top of the page

The Food Manufacture Formula Editing window will open

  1. Enter Parent (selling) UPC
  2. Enter Child UPC (ingredient/labor)
  3. Enter the applicable qty
  4. Click OK to save

Ex: Cheese Sandwich ‘Manufactured to Stock’

Continue to use the New button to assemble all cheese sandwich items, including labor. The cheese sandwich example below shows Cheese, Bread and Labor

Ex: Medium Fountain Drink ‘Manufactured at Sell’

Continue to use the New button to assemble all fountain ingredient items. The Medium Fountain example below shows cup, lid, straw and bib ingredients

If you prefer to import the information, use the Import button at the top of the page.

The import window will open

  1. Sample file format provided
  2. Click Choose File to browse for import file
  3. Click OK button to import file

If you need to view or edit an existing formula, click on the record from the main Food Manufacture Formula Listing page