Barcode Printing

Barcode Printing is able to be done in various locations in S2K Prime. This will allow you to print labels or scan sheets, based on the paper you have in your printer.

Barcode Printing can be found in:

  • Pricebook
  • Products Catalog
  • Pending Pricebook Changes
  • Non-Fuel Invoices
    NOTE: If you are in a Non-Fuel Invoice, it will require you to print everything on the invoice.

To start you will need to Navigate to the section you would like to Print Barcodes from. Once there, locate the items you would like to print bar codes for. Our example is in the Pricebook.

  1. Select the items by clicking the check boxes
  2. Click the Action Button
  3. Select Barcode Printing from the drop down.

A pop-up will appear and be almost filled out for you. The settings are put in place for Avery Barcode Labels either 8660 or 5660 numbered. If you need to use another label, adjust these settings based on the label you have. If not, leave as is but you will need to update 2 sections.

  1. Print Retail in Store– Here use the drop down to choose the station the retail price will print for. If you do not fill this out, you will not show a retail price with the Barcode.
  2. Barcode Format– Use the drop down to choose the correct format.
    1. Code 39- Used for PLU’s and not super common.
    2. UPCA-Standard barcode format, used basically every time.
    3. QR Code- Rarely used, this will create a QR Box code to be scanned with android devices like cell phones for more info on an item.
    4. EAN- 13 Digit Barcode, rarely used as well.
  3. Once filled out, hit OK to download the barcode sheet to your computer.

The barcode sheet will download and provide a message at the top of the page to verify.

Locate the sheet in your browser downloads and open it to Print from your computer.