How to Add, Modify or Delete

An assembly is setup when 2 items need to be linked together for inventory purposes. This means that if you purchase one barcode, but sell a different barcode, then those 2 items need to be linked together.

We refer to this in S2K as a parent child relationship.

The benefit to linking the items is that you can purchase, sell, or inventory either barcode and the system will do the inventory calculations for you.

Parent: 049000028928- Sprite 12pk
Child: 049000013276- Sprite 12oz Can
QTY: 12

To create a new assembly, click the Pricebook dropdown from the Products menu and then select the UPC Assembly link

The UPC Assembly Listing page will open to display all current assemblies

To add a new assembly, click the New button

The Assembly Editing window will open. Enter the Parent UPC, Child UPC and Quantity of items. Click OK when finished

**The cost ratio field will be used with shipper setups only. Please refer to the shipper assembly documentation for further information

To edit or delete an existing assembly, open the UPC Listing page and use the filter to search for existing assembly. You can filter by UPC or description

Click on the parent UPC to open the current assembly for the item.

Edit the fields as needed and click OK.

OR check the ‘Delete this Record’ box and click OK to delete the assembly