Price Editor

The Price Editor tool is used for changing retail prices of items or quickly checking the current price of an item.
It is best to Upload your handheld prior to using this so that the current retail prices in S2K will be displayed.

To begin, tap the Price Editor button in the main menu of the S2K handheld app.

At this point you can scan an item to see it’s current retail and make changes if necessary. Only items that have been changed will be listed in the top section.

  1. Items that have been changed will display here.
  2. The UPC of the scanned item.
  3. Press Input to manually enter the UPC using the keypad.
  4. Delete a change that was made to an item in the top section.
  5. A multi-pack retail can be viewed, setup or changed for an item.
  6. Current retail price for the scanned item.

When finished, tap the X button in the top right corner to save your changes and return to the main menu.

The handheld will not send these updates directly to your register. After the handheld is downloaded, you will find the changes that you made in the Pending Pricebook Changes section of S2K.
From there you can publish the changes to your register.