Create a Non-Fuel Invoice from a Master Invoice Template

Navigate to Purchase and Inventory and choose Purchase. From the drop down choose Master Invoice.

When you click the “Master Invoice” tool a search criteria window will appear. Edit the search fields as needed in order to view the existing master invoice templates.

Once you have edited or filled in the search criteria to narrow down the list of master invoice templates you wish to view, click the “Search” button at the bottom of the window.

The Master Invoice Template Listing will appear displaying the invoices that were within the search criteria.

Select the master invoice template that you wish to create a non-fuel purchase invoice from.

When the master invoice template opens, verify the items in the template are the same as the items that were received from the vendor then click the Actions button and select the “Create from Template” option to generate the non-fuel invoice.

The Master Template with automatically populate the Store Code, Vendor, Invoice #, line items.

You will need to enter in the invoice date, invoice total $ amount, and the QTY received.

After you input the edits, click the “Save” button to save the non-fuel invoice.

Click Here to review how to approve non-fuel invoices.