Editing Item Attributes – Individual

The Products Catalog offers many ways to make edits to an item so they can be set up the way you choose.

Once you have done a search and the results are on your screen, you may want to dive deeper into an item or make changes to not only 1 item but many at once. Products Catalog lets you do this.

One of the main ways you can review or edit the information about an item, is to search for it, then simply click the item. Your Product Edit Page will open and allow you to make updates as needed.

  1. Name– This is the description of the item.
  2. Default Barcode– This is where you see the UPC or Item number for the product.
  3. Short Name– Name as it appears on the receipt.
  4. Department– Department the item is in currently.
  5. Custom Groups– If you have created Custom Groups, you can add items to those groups from here.
  6. Case Pack– Typically left blank or at 1, used to show how many come in a carton, EX: Cigarettes come 10 to a carton; so the number would be 10.
  7. Fee– Applicable for items that have CRV or Bottle Deposit set up for the item.
  8. Product Type– If you have set an item up with a specific Product Type you can see this here; this is typically set at Regular or left blank.
  9. Legacy S2K UPC– Previous UPC for the item, if you moved from an old S2K System.
  10. Choose File– Feature that lets you upload pictures from your computer of the item. Helpful to show UPC number as well as the front of the Product.
  11. Product Vendor(s)– Drop down with Vendors listed that you can choose from.
  12. Item Exceptions– Drop down you can use to make exceptions to an item outside of the department restrictions it has.
  13. Selling Units– Another way to state how you sell an item
  14. UOM– Also known as Unit of Measure of how the item is sold. Ex: 1, Carton, Pack, Roll, individual, Pounds, Etc.
  15. Cost– Your cost of the item for 1.
  16. Default SKU– Not Required, could be used for previous UPC number.
  17. Inactive– check this if the item is not active and being sold any longer.
  18. Save– Hit this to save your updates, and don’t forget to send them to the register.
  19. Undo-Use to back out of the page without saving your edits.
  20. Delete– The ability to delete, admin only.
  21. Audit– A way to view what changes have been made to the items.
  22. Listing– Takes you back to your search results.
  23. Products Tab– Main Products Catalog location
  24. Custom Groups Tab– Location to Add or Edit your Custom Groups such as Sub Categories, Price Groups and Promotion Groups.
  25. UPC Assembly Editing Tab– Use this to Create or Edit Assemblies of items.
  26. Reports– Lets you choose a report from this page.
  27. Refresh– Use to update the page information.