Fuel Sales

Information and basic calculations for gallons sold and dollars collected by grade.

  1. Fuel Grade – List of fuel grades that have been set up in s2k.
  2. Sales Quantity – Gallons sold for the corresponding grade on the specified date.
  3. Sales Revenue – Total dollar amount (including discounts) that was collected for the corresponding grade on that day.
  4. Adjustment – Includes your pump test if necessary.
  5. Retail – This amount is figured by dividing the gallons by the dollars sold to give you the average retail for that grade on that day.
  6. Net Retail – Subtracts the fuel sales tax from retail.
  7. Cost – Your current fuel cost based on weighted average cost. Includes purchases, sales, and over/short.
  8. Margin – Difference between net retail and cost. (In cents)
  9. Profit – Margin multiplied by sales quantity.
  10. Edit – Allows you to add, edit, or remove fuel sales data manually.