Publish Pricebook To POS

This is used when you need to push your entire pricebook to the POS.

To start navigate to the Pricebook, and place nothing in the search box, just select OK. This will populate your entire Pricebook on the page for you. Be patient, Pricebooks have a lot of items and may take some time to load up. Once the Pricebook loads you will head to the next step.

  1. Select the Action Button from the Title Bar
  2. Drop down opens and you will select Publish

Once you select Publish, a pop up will appear to let you publish to the POS.

  1. Select your station from the drop down
  2. Make sure the All Items option is selected under Change Scope
  3. Change Type should be Add and Update
  4. Once ready, select OK to start the Publish process.

This can take a little bit to send over, but you can check the status of the publishing under the Information button by selecting Publish History.