Add Items to Custom Group Topics: Batch Edit

From the Pricebook section of the navigation toolbar, click to open the Product Catalog window.

An Advanced Search window will appear to allow you to narrow down your search to locate the item(s) to be added to the custom group topic headers.

Click “OK” at the bottom of the Advanced Search window to generate your item search in the product catalog.

Locate the items in the Product Catalog to be added to the custom group from the product list:

  1. Select the items to be added to the custom group topic.
  2. Click the Action Button to see the list of possible actions.
  3. Click Batch Edit Attributes

A window will pop-up to allow you to make changes to all selected items at the same time.

Click into the “Custom Groups” box for a drop down list to appear for you to select the custom group(s) the items will be added to:

After the Custom Groups are selected:

  1. Verify the selected group topics are the groups you want to add items to
  2. Verify your change scope is only going to assign the items you selected to the groups you selected.
  3. Click “OK” to apply the batch change attribute

A green window will appear to indicate that the update was applied successfully and you will be returned to the Product listing view of the Product Catalog.
To see the items in the Group you selected click the Select Group by box and choose your group from the list.

Now you can see the items that are part of the group you chose. Click the red negative (-) box next to the group header to collapse the list of items, or click the red positive (+) box to expand:

Once these groups are set up, and you have items added to them, you will be able to search or use in areas like the Pricebook, Products Catalog, Promotions, and rebates.