Single Item and Batch Price Changes

Now that you have made your search, you may need to change prices on items. In here we will show you how to make single and multiple item price changes.

Single Item Price Change:

Locate the items in your search that need a price change.
Click in the retail price box for the item, this will bring a pop up box on your screen to change the price.

If you have multiple stations to change prices on, or even just one, you will find the station and make the change. Make sure to select OK, once done, to set the change in your pricebook.

The prices will then update on the Pricebook Listing Page.

You will then need to send the price changes to the register…

Publishing to the Register from the Pricebook:

To send the prices to the register, follow these steps:
1. Select your items
2. Select the Action Button
3. Click the Publish option

Once you select Publish, you will get another popup. This one is your final step to send to the registers.

  1. Choose the station the price change is for.
  2. Choose your Change Scope to match the amount of items you are sending. Selected items would be the items you selected on the previous screen, and All items is only used when you don’t select anything and send everything from your original search, changed or not. Typically you will choose Selected Items.
  3. Once this is filled out you will then select OK, to publish to the registers.

Batch Edit Price Change:

To change Prices on multiple items at once, we call this doing a Batch Price Change.
Batch price changes are done when you want all the items you select, to change to the same price, go up or down in price by a specific dollar amount or by a percentage. You will want to start by completing your search in the pricebook as before.

  1. Select the items you would like to do the batch price change with. You can do this by selecting them individually or as a group by using the SHIFT key on your keyboard. You will click the first one, then hold SHIFT down, while clicking the last item in your list.
  2. Once selected use the Action button on the Title Bar, then choose Batch Edit from the listing.

A pop-up will appear and allow for you to make the price changes.

  1. Choose the station the change will be applied to.
  2. Choose how to make the Price Change. This is a drop down that you can choose from 3 options.
  • Change Retail by $- When you would like to change the price of your items up or down by a dollar amount. EX: Frito Lay comes in and says all the items on the list need to go up in price by .20 cents.
  • Change Retail by Percent- This is used when you would like to increase or decrease the price of an item by a percentage.
  • Change Retail to fixed Price- This is used largely for changing all the selected items to the exact same price. EX: All the King Sized candy bars needing to be the same price. This is where you will place the amount for the price change. Use a negative symbol for the first 2 options when you need to decrease the price.

3. Enter amount of retail change

4. Change Prices based on this Margin– Choose this instead to change the price by a specific margin.

5. Retail Tail number is only used when you choose the option of the Percentage or Based on Margin.

6. Change Scope is used to choose if it is the items you selected or all items in the list that this change will apply to. Choose the correct scope.

7. Hit OK once ready to update the prices in the Pricebook.

Once all your price changes are complete, don’t forget to publish them to the register as talked about in single price change process.