Custom Groups

S2K has the ability to group like items together for the purpose of mass price changes and reporting. You must first define the groups of items, then use the group to make price changes and run reports.

  1. To start, navigate to Products then select Pricebook.
  2. From there choose Products Catalog, and click OK to open the whole Products Catalog.

Once your search results populate, click the Custom Groups Icon below the Title Bar. Please see below:

Your Page will then open…

  1. Select this Large Plus sign to Create a New Custom Group Topic. Ex: Price Group, Promotion group, etc.
  2. Hit the Mini plus sign next to the topic to add individual sub topics to the main one. Ex: King Size, Marlboro, Camel, etc.
  3. The big plus sign here is used to add additional sub topics to this.
  4. Trash can to delete the Topic
  5. Green up and down circles move the priority of each topic in the list.
  6. Number of Sub topics in the list.
  7. Name of the Custom Group.
  8. Save any changes or updates you make
  9. Reload the page, takes you back to your search.

To Create a new Custom Group:

  1. Click the + to create a new Topic or title for the group.

2. Type the name you would like your Group called.

3. Click the check mark when done.

4. Click the Plus sign to add the Groups to your main Topic.

5. Click into the new group to name it, and repeat the steps as needed to create new Topics and Groups.

When done, please save to see the record has been saved successfully.

To add items to Custom Groups please click here: Add Items to Custom Group Batch Edit