Create a Store Waste (Inventory Adjustment) Invoice

Open a blank non-fuel invoice but clicking the “+New” button on the non-fuel invoice listing page.

Set-up the non-fuel invoice header with your store code. The Vendor will need to be assigned to “Inventory Adjustment”. The Invoice # can be assigned as the user sees fit (EX: use the date that the items are being wasted, but it does not have to be).

Type in the UPC/PLU/SKU of the item(s) to be wasted (removed from inventory).

In the QTY field, enter in the negative amount that will be removed from inventory. (EX: -5)

After you have entered in the items and the negative QTY, enter in the “Invoice $” with the Computed $.

Then Save or Approve your completed store waste (inventory adjustment) non-fuel invoice.