Inventory Reports

Inventory Reports

When you are taking item level or transaction level inventory, there are some important Inventory Reports to view in S2K:

  • Take Inventory History
  • Inventory History by SKU
  • SKU Inventory Movement

The reports can be found in the report list of S2K

Take Inventory History Report

This report is accessible after the Inventory has been processed and the Take Inventory Invoice has been created. It shows the calculated stock difference and the associated values at cost for each inventory complete during the time frame selected. The report selections are Station, Start/End Date and Department(s).

Inventory History by SKU

Also known as a ‘stock on hand’ report, this report is based on an end date provided by the user and shows current stock levels, stock value (cost and retail) and Profitability % for items. The selections for this report are End Date, Department(s) and Station

SKU Inventory Movement

Track the movement of items within the date range selected. The report selections include Start/End Date, Station, Department(s), and if you’d like to see the inventory data in Dollars or Quantity.