Single Price Change

Single Price Change

Now that you have made your search, you may need to change prices on items. Locate the items in your search that need a price change.

1. Click in the box to highlight the current price or the empty space if no price was there. Now change the price and select enter on the keyboard. You will then need to go to the Save button to prompt a send to the register.

2. Make sure that you are changing the price for the correct station, if you have multiples you are in charge of.

3. Once done, please select Save to get the prompt to send it to the register.

When the Prompt pops up, you will want to select Update only CHANGED items to POS. This is because you only changed a few items and not all items in the list. Then select OK.

Once you select OK on the Save and Update to POS screen, you have one more screen that pops up to send them to the POS.

1. Make sure your correct station number is selected

2. Check to see if your price changes you made are listed in the group

3. When ready, select the Update Changed Price(s) to POS button. This will now start the process of sending these updates to the POS. You may need to give it a few minutes before you go check the item at the register.