Fuel Sales Overview

Fuel Sales Overview

Fuel sales show gallons sold (Sales Qty), and dollars (Sales $) collected by grade.

Street Price: is figured out by dividing the gallons by the dollars sold to give you the average retail for each grade for the day.

Net Price: is calculated by subtracting sales tax % on fuel from the street price, if applicable, and giving you the net price so you can get margin based on net price and not price with sales tax. Please note: this is only for states where sales tax is charged at the pump, such as California.

RIGHT CLICK on the lightbulb to make sure the correct rates are populated in the system and see the calculations that S2K uses. If they are not, please submit a support ticket, call S2K support or email support@series2k.com to get it updated.

IMPORTANT: If you have any changes in rates, please email us right away so we can update your system and recalculate your margins.

Cost: shows your current fuel cost based on weighted average cost, you can right click on the lightbulb to view the recent history. See Fuel WAM for more details.

Margin: shows you the difference between net price and cost per gallon.

Profit: shows you your profit by taking margin times gallons sold.