S2K Daily Checklist

S2K Daily Checklist

The following checklist has been provided as a suggested guideline for your daily work flow.

This checklist will help you navigate through your daily tasks in Series2K:

  • Add new items using Quick Add Item Button
  • Make Price Changes on Items using the Quick Price Change tool or the Pricebook
  • Review sales data, not-setup items and that there are no out of line DEPTS (“!”)
  • Verify receipts and make adjustments, as necessary
  • Check that margins for fuel and c-store are in line
  • Check fuel inventory over/short amounts for missing invoices or incorrect reconciliation dates, correct as needed.
  • Reconcile Payouts and House Accounts (If Applicable)
  • Upload receipts or documents as needed and approve the day
  • Pull End of day reports in S2K and email them if applicable


  • Create any fuel invoices as necessary (if applicable)
  • Check fuel invoices for accuracy: gallons, dollars, and add-ons.
  • Approve, Post (if Applicable) and Print invoices after reviewing that they are correct
  • Enter deliveries for the day with handheld or manually in S2K
  • Review and reconcile all deliveries
  • Review EDI invoices, check for cost changes and update new items, make sure balanced
  • Approve all invoices when complete and Post to Accounting (If Applicable)
  • Create a “Non-Fuel Inventory Adjustment” invoice to account for any merchandise waste items
  • Review and edit any existing mix match promotions as needed
  • Create any new mix match promotions
  • Publish over any updated or new mix match promotions


  • Make any additional retail price changes for the day and update to the register