Manage Active/Inactive Items from Non-Fuel Invoice

Manage product active status from a Non-Fuel Invoice

Once you have created a Non-Fuel invoice in S2K or using a Hand Held Device, locate it using the instructions from the page Access and View Existing Invoices open the invoice you would like to manage.

In the open non-fuel invoice, click the Action button in the top right-hand side of the screen and select the “Modify Retail & Attributes” option.

You will be directed to a pricebook listing page for the items in the non-fuel invoice for only that station. By default the listed items displayed are only active items in the invoice.

To change your item display view click the vertical Ellipses to expand a menu of options

You will find options to view Active Records, All Records, or just the Inactive Records of the items listed in the non-fuel invoice.

By selecting ALL RECORDS the list of items shows the active items and the inactive items listed in the non-fuel invoice. The inactive items list with a strike through line through the detail.

To active the items that were inactive, check the boxes to the left of the items you would like to edit.

Once the items are selected, you will then select the Action button, and choose Batch Edit Attributes.

This will open the Product Editing window, where you can assign selected items to Active, then click OK.