Editing Item Attributes – Individual

While in the Pricebook, you have the option to edit item attributes directly on the page. The editing that you can do is to the Name and Sub Dept. options. When you change the Sub Dept it will auto update the Department for you once you save.

You will start out by doing a search for your item. Once your search populates and you find your item, click the Edit Button as seen below

Next, you will see the lines change, this will allow you to update the items. You can edit Name, Sub Dept/Fee and Custom Groups.

When changing the Name, click into the line to update the name. When changing the Sub Dept, click in the area, and use the Drop Down to choose the correct Sub Dept for the item. Custom Groups have to be built first, but can then be chosen from a pop-up when selected. Once done please make sure to select Save.

After you select Save, you will then see a notification that the record was saved successfully. You will also see the information change on the Pricebook page.

When all finished you can Publish these right from here.

1. Select the item(s) using the check boxes.

2. Select the Action button from the Title Bar.

3. Click on the button that says Publish.

After that you will see the Pop-up to complete the process and send to the register.

  1. Choose the station the price change is for.
  2. Choose your Change Scope to match the amount of items you are sending. Selected items would be the items you selected on the previous screen, and All items is only used when you don’t select anything and send everything from your original search, changed or not. Typically you will choose Selected Items.
  3. Once this is filled out you will then select OK, to publish to the registers.